It’s Fridayyyyy

Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Moenig’s fledgling relationship leads the weekly links.

Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Moenig might be dating. We’ll just say they are. Celebrities aren’t real people with personal lives or anything, are they?

Archie Punjabi is leaving The Good Wife to possibly star in her own series on Fox next year. I’ll miss Kalinda with her tough leather exterior and delicate wishbone necklace! I don’t buy in a million years that Kalinda ever would’ve slept with Peter Florrick, though. Actually, I don’t buy that anyone ever would’ve slept with Peter Florrick. There’s this rumor that power is seductive? Whatever.

Bailey DeYoung is “so proud” of her storyline on Faking It this season. On an unrelated note, she is a tiny, tiny person. You could just put her in your pocket like a hamster-sized blonde sidekick who can pull out some ballet moves on cue. I say this with the utmost respect and affection.

Should I be watching Jane the Virgin?

Neil Patrick Harris is the man of the hour. Because: who doesn’t love it when a former child star makes good? Also he is in posession of the most adorable of all of the adorable families. Hopefully his children will never, ever, ever watch Gone Girl, no matter how much they grow up. DON’T DO IT, TWINSIES. Just, no.

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