Oh, Baby

1909230_665086336872442_1521072875_oRomeo Romeo follows Jessica and Lexy as they decide to have a baby, figure out how to go about doing so, and then struggle, year after year, to conceive. Is starting a family always going to be this complicated for queer girls like us?

When I was seven, I was given this baby doll. It looked like a newborn, and it fit perfectly in my arms. I held her close and whispered her name, my breath bouncing back to me against the dome of her soft plastic skull. The curve of one of her tiny ears was particularly alluring. They had done a good job with her tiny fingernails. She was dressed in a soft pink romper, with a striped hat and bib. I was in love.

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❥ Days of Thanks: Suprises

Don’t worry. There are only four Days of Thanks.

I am thankful for the people who surprise us.

Last summer, we had a family emergency, and some first cousins I had only met a couple of times came into town.

These brothers grew up in Kansas, and in a very conservative church.  But one night, when they came over to blow off steam and play video games, I invited my girlfriend too.

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Wide Open Spaces

Annie Oakley, ooh la la!

These books set on the queer frontier will leave you yearning for a wagon train (or a petticoated damsel) to call your own.

The old days kind of terrify me. No antibiotics, no equality for women, everyone dying in childbirth…but at the same time, they’re kind of fascinating, too. I love it when queer stories are set in the past. There’s just something so freeing about the landscape.

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Ferguson, MO

From the Inquisitr

Did you grow up being told that we were “post-race”? We’re not. We’re in crisis. And it’s past time we all acknowledged it, so that we can start to work for the memories of Michael Brown and Tamir Rice.

I haven’t written about race on this blog. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the right to talk about the subject at all. In college, when intense discussions about race and racism would occur, I tried to keep quiet, to listen

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The Other Closet

Belly flab got you down? Try Jazzercise!
Ok, Venus, we’ll call this the “Before”

There’s nothing like losing weight to show you just how fat-phobic the world still is.

“I’m so glad you’re losing weight, because you’re such a pretty girl.”

“My god, you’re wasting away! Congratulations.”

“Look at you, you skinny Minnie. There’s nothing left of you!”

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Queer TV: 5 Shows Worth Waiting For

Orphan Black, The Fosters, Orange is the New Black, Pretty Little Liars, Transparent
I just imagined a world in which all of these characters knew each other and my head exploded. Maybe a university? Cosima, Paige and Emily are students, Maura is a professor, Lena is the Dean, and Stef is assigned to help Poussey transition out of prison in a special college release program? I don’t write fanfiction, but someone, please, write this.

Long weekends and holidays are upon us. Need a new queer TV addiction? All of my favorite queer tv shows, while currently on hiatus, are available on Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

I can’t watch every tv show with a queer character on it these days — there are just too many. Anyway, let’s face it: I’m just not fond enough of Batman, for instance, to watch Gotham just for the queer character. But I do have a core watchlist of shows I hold very dear to my heart. These shows are important for visibility, sure; fortunately, they’re also a sheer delight to watch.

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Pitchslap: Redux

Pitch Perfect is one of those little movies I can show anyone and they all love it. Elizabeth Banks! Rebel Wilson! Anna Kendrick! Every single other castmember! The music! The one-liners! The over-sexualized dance numbers! It is all perfection — even with its very spotty plot.

But sequels scare the shit out of me.

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For the Last Time, No One is “Born a Man”

born a man

It’s 2014. It’s Transgender Day of Remembrance. For the last time, can the media please stop telling people they were “born men?”

You know who is “born a man?” This ugly Renaissance baby. He may be small, but I’m pretty sure he’s a tiny adult male.

You know who isn’t “born a man?” A trans woman. If we must insist on using this terrible grammar, she is actually “born a baby.”

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Bad Butch

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 9.32.13 PMI’m really good at taking care of babies. I’m intuitive, and emotionally fluent, and when something mechanical breaks, I call the men in my life. Am I selling myself short on self-sufficiency because I’m allowed to, as a “girl?”

So the other day I had another blind first date. She was definitely the girliest woman that I’ve dated so far; when I took in her classic librarian dress and bright red purse, somehow I was glad I had skewed a little

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