Shake It Off

Do you ever have one of those days that just…transcends?

It’s been a hard month. A death in the family, a deep rift with a close friend. And I still don’t know that many people in the community here (most of the ones I do know are ex-girlfriends). Sometimes I can feel pretty alone.

And then someone comes along and makes you feel seen, and heard, and gets you — someone new — and it’s just intoxicating. And, at least for a little while, something lifts.

We talked about everything. We talked about our journeys, the past, people we’ve dated, things we’ve experienced. We just kept talking until we had closed out the cafe. And then we talked outside. We talked about sex positivity and empowering porn. We talked about Jiz Lee, for fuck’s sake, and I only just met this person. How did this happen?

All I know is, I came home singing, and when Taylor Swift came on in my living room, I just had to dance. It was one of those days. The best kind. The kind of day when you feel so connected to the rest of the world. Someone out there gets me. And for today…that’s enough.

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