❥ Days of Thanks: Strong Beer, Strong Family

ID-100201079Today, I am thankful for strong beer.

Also (and this is related), I am thankful for my family’s ability to continue to forge forward. We are all different people. Life has thrown a lot of stuff our way lately. But above all: we care deeply about one another.

I may or may not be a little buzzed as I write this, watching the pouring rain from my covered back porch. Inside, babies and children and grown-up people are napping; a cousin is writing a term paper in the kitchen. Soon we’ll leave for our third big family dinner in as many days. And the bottom line is: family is family. And when there are twenty-five of us in the same town, staying in the same three houses, eating the same turkey dinner, lots of love, lots of history, and, let’s face it, plenty of strong beer…all help us stay the course.


Queer Girl

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