Welcome to the Whedonverse, Carmilla

From episode 24
From episode 24

Carmilla is the webseries you’ve been looking for ever since Buffy wrapped.

Listen: I don’t like webseries. I can’t get into the pacing, and low-budget gives me PTSD for the years when I was starved for queer entertainment and tried to watch movies like Go Fish. But sometimes, every once in awhile, if a webseries just keeps popping up on my radar, I’ll give it a try. And when I do, it’s almost always worth it. It happened with The Guild (at this point, Felicia could start a vlog called Farts with Fel, and I’d watch it)…and now it’s happening with Carmilla

Because: queer girls! Vampires! Queer girl vampires!

Carmilla is basically what Joss Whedon would have made back in the day if he were shooting in his garage and had plenty of budgetary restraints but no network ones. It’s so informed by Buffy, in fact, that you might actually call it post-Whedon. That’s not to say that it’s derivative; the universe of Carmilla is entirely its own.

These college girls Scooby-gang it up, they fight the forces of darkness, they roll their eyes at frat bros who want to “keep them safe,” they clearly spend plenty of time shopping on Modcloth, and yet they still find time to eat cookies and crush on each other. They are young and earnest and adorable and I want to keep them safe.

Also, man, that TA. She is a hottie. Am I the only one shipping Laura and the tall redhead instead of Carmilla?

Check out the series here, or view the first episode below. Then read the great write-up from the Daily Dot.



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