Baking with My Drunk Kitchen

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Hello! (from the My Drunk Kitchen Youtube Channel)

“Everything that is wrong with the world…is greed.”

–Stoned Sarah Silverman

If you’ve checked out Hannah Hart’s older videos on youtube, you know: My Drunk Kitchen has changed a lot over the past few years. Now that she’s a celebrity web chef, Hannah’s kitchen is nicer; her hair is shinier; and unlike the early days of making stuff out of a box and basically failing at it, she’s actually learned how to cook (for the most part). Clumpy mac n cheese is out; breaded sea bass is in, along with major celebrity guest stars. This week it was Sarah Silverman!

One problem: Sarah Silverman does not drink. (Why am I always surprised by people who don’t drink? I look at them and go, what must their lives be like? That can’t say anything good about my own habits.) She does, however, smoke pot. Always the cordial host, Hannah put aside her highball glasses and got baked — onscreen.

Of course, they made pot pie. (With carrots from the farmer’s market! Oh Hannah, how far you’ve come.)

I was a little surprised that they were getting stoned on MDK, but even more surprised at the ensuing backlash in the video’s comments. Viewer after viewer expressed their shock, proclaiming things like, “you’re a role model! Children look up to you!”

Okay, guys, first of all, have you seen MDK? She’s not drinking Capri-Suns. Alcohol is a drug (that was the first thing they taught us in DARE!) and My Drunk Kitchen is a webseries for adults. Secondly, if teenagers are watching…I don’t smoke myself, but having survived high school, I can safely say that when it comes to pot, teenagers are the ones who are a bad influence on us. They’re the ones making pot look easy to get ahold of, pretty fun, and maybe even a little more consequence-free than alcohol.

It comes down to this. If a teenager wants to smoke pot, she’s going to. If she likes it, she’ll keep doing it. If she gets paranoid as hell, like Queer Girl, she won’t. But one way or another, Hannah Hart isn’t going to influence her choices.

Honestly, I would be far more worried about how exciting Hannah makes it look to fry things in oil when you’ve had five Old Fashioneds. DON’T DO THAT, KIDS. Just back away from the frying pan. I can’t even fry in oil sober without burning myself. Although, that could just be me.

Check out the episode below. Do you think she crossed a line?

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