Jennifer Tilly Talks ‘Bound’

Oh, yeah. I forgot about when barbed wire tattoos were a thing.

Jennifer Tilly tells Vulture all about THAT sex scene with Gina Gershon — but do the details ruin the fantasy?

In our parents’ generation, everyone remembers the moon landing, the draft for Vietnam, when Kennedy was shot. But for lesbians of a certain age, the collective history is a little different: everyone remembers exactly where they were the first time they saw the sex scene in Bound.

I was twenty, staying at a hotel in LA with my boyfriend, one of those swanky places where you order your pillow from a menu. We switched on HBO, and the movie just starting up. “Oh, this is a good one,” my boyfriend said. The dark sets, the creaking leather, Violet’s rosebud tattoo — I was utterly captivated right from the start.

Before Bound, I didn’t know what lesbians did in bed together.

The scene we’re really talking about: you know which one it is. The mattress laid bare with their passion. The long shot that encircles their bodies, both intimate and remote — voyeuristic — until it focuses on Corky’s face as she bites down on Violet’s spare hand, Violet’s shiny black painted fingernails like olives. It’s the scene that launched a thousand lesbian ships, and last week, Jennifer Tilly sat down with Vulture to talk about shooting it.

Fun fact: the Wachowskis filmed it like that — in a single long shot — so that the producers wouldn’t cut in gratuitious nude shots of body doubles.

And another one: the cut that everyone wanted to use was deemed too graphic because of the placement of Jennifer’s hand, even though she thinks the one they went with was more “porno,” because their breasts are touching.

Check out the full article here, but don’t say I didn’t warn you — something about reading all of the technical aspects of the shoot made it slightly less magical for me. You may just want to re-watch the movie on Youtube instead (that scene is at 19:32).

Where were you when you saw it for the first time?



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