Five Things Twitter Taught Us About ‘Carmilla’ and its Cast

Is it…could it be…ANOTHER ROOM?

Good news, Creampuffs! Carmilla has been renewed for a second season!

I mean, it’s very exciting. But was there ever any doubt?

Nonetheless, we, along with everyone else on social media, are very, very psyched. And in honor of the announcement, we’d like to report on the top 5 things we learned this week on Twitter about Carmilla and the lovely actors who star on the show.

5. Natasha Negovanlis doesn’t read fan fiction. But it’s for a good reason:

4. Elise Bauman is in more than one webseries this year! And this other one is a bit grittier:

3. Kaitlyn Alexander wants you to say hi to her. Bonus: she is amazing at pasta puns.

2. To take the edge off of our withdrawals as we wait for next season, they are releasing a Carmilla Christmas special!

1. And finally, this is very, very good news: The second season is going to continue to be the glorious mashup of Buffy, Veronica Mars, and all of our favorite canon — writer Jordan Hall promises!

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