Interstellar ‘Advocate’

Hari Kondabolu takes on Matthew Mcconaughey to brighten up our day.

It’s Wednesday! Two and a half days in an intense work week down, two and a half to go. Let’s do this!

I posted personal essays the past couple of days, so today is supposed to be a day for something light, and fun, and funny. But it’s been a sad week or two in LGBT news, and I’m still feeling all serious and twitchy.

So in lieu of writing up a lighthearted review of something, I’ll just leave this here. It’s from Hari Kondabolu’s comedy album Waiting for 2042. If you haven’t bought the album yet, you MUST. It’s full of queer humor (Feminist Dick Joke is another good one). This may very well be the best queer joke in the lot.

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