Get Happy

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A queer news roundup with only good news. Because that’s what Friday calls for.

It’s Friday. It’s been kind of a rough week. So I think it’s time to do a happy dance. Let’s shake off all of the bullshit and get happy for the weekend. Here’s some of the best (and some of the silliest) queer news from the week.

Lesbian emojis are now available for the iPhone. GET THEM NOW. DO IT.

Michael Sam and Vito Cammisano are engaged, months after that adorable kiss sent conservatives into a hilarious tailspin (that link is a poem “inspired by Dr. Seuss” in which the esteemed author rhymed gayness and anus. It is GOLD). Anyway, congratulations, fellas! I don’t follow football but I am always 100% a fan of love. 

Lesbians everywhere faced a moral dilemma this week when creepy paps took 100 million photos of Kristen Stewart holding hands and cuddling with “gal pal” Alicia Cargile on vacation. Creepy paparazzi are bad news. Outing someone before they’re ready is bad news. BUT YOU GUYS YOU SHOULD SEE WHAT SHE’S WEARING. And they’re adorable together.

The Visibility Awards came out this week, and the difference between the reader’s picks and the editor’s picks shows us that AE is skewing younger than ever. One thing in the reader’s picks that Queer Girl absolutely agreed on: Kaitlyn Alexander’s win for Favorite Tweeter (although the editor’s blurb was clearly written by someone who had never actually read her tweets.) Yes, Kaitlyn can be hilarious, but she has also gotten serious lately. She spent the Christmas holiday tweeting about awkward (at best) family dinners she spent deflecting questions about boyfriends and what her webseries is really about. This is a place for good news, so I won’t go too deep, but her frank tweets about how staying in the closet is sometimes necessary and okay, if it keeps you safe, were surely important to her young queer followers.

Ellen and Portia were totally freaking adorable at the People’s Choice Awards. Did anyone else read Portia’s autobiography? Remember how back in the day she and her mom used to joke that she might be kind of gay, but at least she wasn’t so gay/visible that she was, like, married to Ellen DeGeneres? Good times.

That’s it from here, happy queers. Have a wonderful weekend, and remember this sage advice from Poussey Washington:

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