Humpday Quickie: Lady Ghostbusters, Felicia Gay & More

Who you gonna call? (Hollywood Reporter)

Guess what: my life is still nutter butters! But that doesn’t mean I can’t spend a moment with you lovelies. Here’s a quick roundup of all the yummy goodness the internet is talking about this week.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Felicia Day’s been playing a lesbian on Supernatural? How in the world did I miss that?

Seventeen years post-Puppy Episode, how does it hold up? (Spoiler: pretty damn well).

Pope Francis may have met with a trans man over the weekend. Queerty is not impressed.

There’s a documentary about (gorgeous, hilarious, talented) Tig Notaro showing at Sundance.

The Mormon church did WHAT now?

And finally, don’t mess with Patricia Todd. The out legislator (Alabama’s only one) is threatening to reveal the truth about her philandering colleagues who shout “FAMILY VALUES” while doing their secretaries behind closed doors.


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