Jason Biggs Leaves OITNB, Lesbians Bask in a World Full of Sunshine

Larry’s story is over.

The news that Jason Biggs would not appear in season three of Orange is the New Black BLEW UP my Twitter feed on Friday. Lesbians have hated Larry from day one, and the writers didn’t really do him any favors with his storylines in Season 2. Add that to the fact that googling Jason Biggs asshat takes you down a rabbit hole of incredibly offensive jokes he’s made on public platforms in the past few years, and it’s generally just a good day for humanity that he’s off the show.

Besides, let’s be honest: OITNB was never about its boring, affluent white characters anyway. We may have tuned in to watch Piper and Alex get it on in the prison laundry room, but we stayed because of Poussey Washington. We stayed because of Crazy Eyes and Taystee and Pennsatuckey. We stayed for Daya, and for Sophia, and for motherfucking Big Boo. Piper Chapman was always just a trojan horse, and these aren’t white savior stories either. And for that, Jenji Kohan, I thank you.

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