Quicklinks: @HHoagie knows what @HHoagie Means, and Other TV Stories

You can trust me.

Hi Everyone! Wow, long time no see, huh? Don’t worry, I’m working on everything. I’m seven chapters deep on that Furiosa fanfic, and I’ve started work on this super personal graphic short about depression (don’t worry: graphic as in graphic novel, not graphic as in blood and guts), and I’ve been submitting a few personal essays here and there with very little hope of getting them published, and poor little QGB has been kind of neglected!

Also my partner and I broke up. Mooooooooooooving on.

Over on Autostraddle, Heather Hogan has been absolutely killing it with the Pretty Little Liars recaps this season. But I guess there’s a whole armada of straight teenage girls who think Heather is out to murder their puppies, and by puppies, I mean their Ezra Fitz. That’s right, sweet sweet Ezra Fitz, high school teacher, stalker and sexual predator extraordinaire. Check out Heather’s Tumblr now (DO IT DO IT) to see her mic-drop of a response and be reminded of why she is the Hermione Granger of the queer intrawebz. 

A couple of new reality shows about trans women (well, woman and teen girl) aired last week. Did you catch any of I am Cait or I am Jazz? Wait, do those shows have the same name? Is there seriously no one capable of checking these things before they go to press? Anyway. I haven’t seen either of them yet and I am a little scared because the networks they’re airing on have really terrible histories, but both Caitlyn and Jazz seem to have good teams surrounding them, so hopefully the shows will do great things for trans visibility!

This continues to be a huge year for Tig Notaro. A documentary about her crazy terrible time and the amazing stand-up set she did in the middle of it just premiered on Netflix (it was great but I had to stop watching once she fell in love due to present personal circumstances), and it’s now been announced that she’ll have a semi-autobiographical Amazon show (produced by Louis C.K. and Diablo Cody) coming out soon. If you’re up for some hilariousness, have you heard of that internet conspiracy theory that Tig never actually had cancer, and made it up so that she’d be more successful? Lol. Do you think the conspiracy theorists realize that she has no breasts now? Getting a double mastectomy to further your career, now THAT takes guts…

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