Everyone We Know is Queer: Cate Blanchett Edition

Cate Blanchett told Variety this week that she has had “many” relationships with women. We’ve won the internet, I’m going home.

EDIT: She was misquoted.

We didn’t have very many DVDs when I was growing up (the VHS/DVD changeover happened in my teens). The few we did have were random cast-offs from neighbors, a disparate collection of movies I watched on our brand-new laptop over and over and over again. One of our first was the movie Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett. I first watched it one day when I was home from school with a fever. Tucked up into bed, this is the girl I saw:

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl…Interrupted

Gabi Hoffman and Jenny Slate in ‘Obvious Child’

Obvious Child and the death of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Hey Zooey Deschanel: your time is up.*

Or rather, it is my fervent hope that the era of the manic pixie dream girl is coming to a close.

Which is not to say that the MPDG wasn’t a stepping stone in the humanizing of the female archetype in Hollywood. Basically, in old Hollywood, some women were crazy and damaged; other women were caretakers. Then came the MPDGs: crazy, and damaged, but also charming, and there to take care of you in ways you didn’t know you needed, a little like a rolfer.

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Jennifer Tilly Talks ‘Bound’

Oh, yeah. I forgot about when barbed wire tattoos were a thing.

Jennifer Tilly tells Vulture all about THAT sex scene with Gina Gershon — but do the details ruin the fantasy?

In our parents’ generation, everyone remembers the moon landing, the draft for Vietnam, when Kennedy was shot. But for lesbians of a certain age, the collective history is a little different: everyone remembers exactly where they were the first time they saw the sex scene in Bound.

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Oh, Baby

1909230_665086336872442_1521072875_oRomeo Romeo follows Jessica and Lexy as they decide to have a baby, figure out how to go about doing so, and then struggle, year after year, to conceive. Is starting a family always going to be this complicated for queer girls like us?

When I was seven, I was given this baby doll. It looked like a newborn, and it fit perfectly in my arms. I held her close and whispered her name, my breath bouncing back to me against the dome of her soft plastic skull. The curve of one of her tiny ears was particularly alluring. They had done a good job with her tiny fingernails. She was dressed in a soft pink romper, with a striped hat and bib. I was in love.

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Pitchslap: Redux

Pitch Perfect is one of those little movies I can show anyone and they all love it. Elizabeth Banks! Rebel Wilson! Anna Kendrick! Every single other castmember! The music! The one-liners! The over-sexualized dance numbers! It is all perfection — even with its very spotty plot.

But sequels scare the shit out of me.

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