Baking with My Drunk Kitchen

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Hello! (from the My Drunk Kitchen Youtube Channel)

“Everything that is wrong with the world…is greed.”

–Stoned Sarah Silverman

If you’ve checked out Hannah Hart’s older videos on youtube, you know: My Drunk Kitchen has changed a lot over the past few years. Now that she’s a celebrity web chef, Hannah’s kitchen is nicer; her hair is shinier; and unlike the early days of making stuff out of a box and basically failing at it, she’s actually learned how to cook (for the most part). Clumpy mac n cheese is out; breaded sea bass is in, along with major celebrity guest stars. This week it was Sarah Silverman!

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Welcome to the Whedonverse, Carmilla

From episode 24
From episode 24

Carmilla is the webseries you’ve been looking for ever since Buffy wrapped.

Listen: I don’t like webseries. I can’t get into the pacing, and low-budget gives me PTSD for the years when I was starved for queer entertainment and tried to watch movies like Go Fish. But sometimes, every once in awhile, if a webseries just keeps popping up on my radar, I’ll give it a try. And when I do, it’s almost always worth it. It happened with The Guild (at this point, Felicia could start a vlog called Farts with Fel, and I’d watch it)…and now it’s happening with Carmilla

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Queer TV: 5 Shows Worth Waiting For

Orphan Black, The Fosters, Orange is the New Black, Pretty Little Liars, Transparent
I just imagined a world in which all of these characters knew each other and my head exploded. Maybe a university? Cosima, Paige and Emily are students, Maura is a professor, Lena is the Dean, and Stef is assigned to help Poussey transition out of prison in a special college release program? I don’t write fanfiction, but someone, please, write this.

Long weekends and holidays are upon us. Need a new queer TV addiction? All of my favorite queer tv shows, while currently on hiatus, are available on Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

I can’t watch every tv show with a queer character on it these days — there are just too many. Anyway, let’s face it: I’m just not fond enough of Batman, for instance, to watch Gotham just for the queer character. But I do have a core watchlist of shows I hold very dear to my heart. These shows are important for visibility, sure; fortunately, they’re also a sheer delight to watch.

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‘Faking It’ Gets Real

Some girls wear double denim. Get over it.

Shows like Faking It are ushering in an era of (pretty, well-lit, and ok, largely whitewashed) queer normalcy on TV. Is this new normal here to stay?

I have this thing with MTV teen shows where they all look kind of shiny and plastic, and the characters don’t really get fully fleshed out, and the loud promo-intro part kind of gives me epilepsy. (You know, basically Glee after Season 1.)

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New Moon Rising

Instead of kissing, lesbians seal their sapphic bonds by extinguishing a small flame. (

Keeping up with queer tv used to be as simple as watching Buffy once a week and renting Queer as Folk from the video store on weekends. Now it’s a full time job.

Willow Rosenberg went gay my freshman year of high school. I didn’t even watch Buffy regularly yet, but I happened to catch the episode when Tara tells Willow “I am, you know — yours,” and Willow blows out a candle.

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Maura, Full of Grace

Forget Game of Thrones. Jill Soloway’s Transparent is TV in its absolute highest form.

There is this moment in the second episode of Transparent…and this is the moment I fell totally and completely head-over-heels in love with the show: when we see Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) come out to someone in her family for the first time. She’s just returned home in a kaftan and make-up and startles her

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