Interstellar ‘Advocate’

Hari Kondabolu takes on Matthew Mcconaughey to brighten up our day.

It’s Wednesday! Two and a half days in an intense work week down, two and a half to go. Let’s do this!

I posted personal essays the past couple of days, so today is supposed to be a day for something light, and fun, and funny. But it’s been a sad week or two in LGBT news, and I’m still feeling all serious and twitchy.

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Ferguson, MO

From the Inquisitr

Did you grow up being told that we were “post-race”? We’re not. We’re in crisis. And it’s past time we all acknowledged it, so that we can start to work for the memories of Michael Brown and Tamir Rice.

I haven’t written about race on this blog. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the right to talk about the subject at all. In college, when intense discussions about race and racism would occur, I tried to keep quiet, to listen

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