Everything’s Coming Up Rainbows

Hey all of you beautiful people! I hope it won’t be too unprofessional to tell you that I am hungover AF right now still recovering from an amazing, beautiful Pride weekend full of rainbows and happiness and the completion of another important step in our quest for legal equality.

They lit up the White House. The White House. Think back a few years. I don’t think anyone could have predicted the breakneck speed with which Pride has gone mainstream.

Yes, there is still so much to be done, both in our country and across the globe. But this was a good week. When love wins, we celebrate. And oh, what a celebration it’s been. ♥

Oh, Baby

1909230_665086336872442_1521072875_oRomeo Romeo follows Jessica and Lexy as they decide to have a baby, figure out how to go about doing so, and then struggle, year after year, to conceive. Is starting a family always going to be this complicated for queer girls like us?

When I was seven, I was given this baby doll. It looked like a newborn, and it fit perfectly in my arms. I held her close and whispered her name, my breath bouncing back to me against the dome of her soft plastic skull. The curve of one of her tiny ears was particularly alluring. They had done a good job with her tiny fingernails. She was dressed in a soft pink romper, with a striped hat and bib. I was in love.

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