Quicklinks: Welcome to the Lesbian TV Party!

Guess what? We’re halfway done with the week!

I haven’t been able to catch up with the blog much lately, but these hibernation periods are good — they’re fertile (oh god, did I really just use “fertile” in a sentence about writing?), and when I get back to writing regular posts it will be with a vengeance. In the meantime, really fun stuff has been happening all over TV land. It’s a giant lesbian TV party, and you’re invited!

Carmilla is back, and they’ve got a whole new dorm room! (Never heard of Carmilla? Here’s why you should be watching.)

We’re partway through Season 3 of Orphan Black, and they’re killing it, as per usual…ever wonder about the wonder who is Tatiana Maslany? Check out this profile.

The new season of Orange is the New Black drops on Friday! Friday! THIS Friday! If there was ever a reason to subscribe to Netflix, this is it.

Speaking of Netflix, they’ve got another original series to tide us over. I’m only a few episodes in to Sense8, a Heroes-style show about a group of people who can tap in to each other’s brains, but I’m hooked for one very important reason: dripping. Rainbow. Dildo. Check it out here.

The Gaydy Bunch The Fosters is back on ABC Family! Don’t worry, no one died in that car crash. Well, no one except for Steph’s swagger. She’s got PTSD, hard. Will she actually lean on Lena, for a change? Oh, and BTW, Jesus is being recast (don’t worry, the actor chose to move on). If you’re like me, you were only slightly invested in Jesus’s storyline anyway — and Brandon, they just plain need to kill off. Oh, life is so hard, I’m a white cis het dude and my prestigious performing arts summer camp put me in the wrong major

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